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"I would cut off your head, beard and all, Master Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground." Eomer

The land of Rohan and the Rohirrim..

The Riddermark, also known as the Rohirrim, are the "Horse kings of Rohan" and are who defended the land of Rohan. The name is Sindarin for People of the Horse-lords (sometimes translated simply as Horse-lords) and was mostly used by outsiders: the name they had for themselves was Eorlingas, after their king Eorl the Young who had first brought them to Rohan. The Rohirrim were tall, fair, pale, and had blond hair (which they wore long and sometimes braided). They prized their horses very much, and their entire culture was based around these. They had few cities, but lived in many villages on the plains of Rohan. They were by nature stern, fierce, and grave, yet generous. The Rohirrim were skilled fighters on horseback; they were armed with swords, shields, spears and bows. They used helms and hauberks of chain mail. In time of war, every able man was obliged to join the Muster of Rohan. They were bound by the Oath of Eorl to help Gondor in times of peril.

At the time of the Lord of the Rings, or the War of the Ring, the king of Rohan was Theoden, and his nephew Eomer was 3rd Marshall of the Riddermark.
Theoden had been king for nearly 30 years, and was showing signs of his age. He was increasingly misled by his chief advisor Grima (or Wormtongue as most others in the Mark called him), who was secretly in the employ of the corrupt wizard Saruman, and who may even have accelerated his ageing through "subtle poisons".

In the last years before the War of the Ring, Théoden let his rule slip out of his hands, and Gríma became increasingly powerful. Rohan was troubled again by Orcs who operated under the will of Saruman, ruling from Isengard.

When Théodred, Theoden's son and heir, was mortally wounded at a battle of the Fords of Isen, Éomer became Théoden's heir. Éomer was out of favor with Wormtongue, however, and was eventually arrested.

When Gandalf the White and Aragorn appeared before him, Théoden initially rebuffed Gandalf's advice to ride out against Saruman. When the wizard revealed Wormtongue for what he was, Théoden returned to his senses. He restored his nephew, took up his sword Herugrim, and in spite of his age, led the Riders of Rohan into the Battle of the Hornburg. After this he became known as Théoden Ednew, the Renewed, because he had thrown off the yoke of Saruman and Gríma.

Bound by the Oath of Eorl (the first king of Rohan), Théoden led the Rohirrim to the aid of Gondor at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. In that battle he routed the Harad cavalry, personally killing their chieftain and banner-bearer in the process. He challenged the Witch-king of Angmar, the leader of the Nazgul, and was mortally wounded when his horse Snowmane fell upon him. He was avenged by his niece Éowyn and the Hobbit "Merry" Brandybuck, both of whom had ridden to war in secret. Before mustering the Rohirrim to ride to Gondor's aid, Théoden enlisted Merry into his army, but did not let the Hobbit ride into battle at Pelennor. In his last moments, he bid farewell to Merry and appointed Éomer the next king (though this part is not shown in the films).

Théoden's body lay in Minas Tirith until it was buried in Rohan after the defeat of Sauron. He was the last of the Second Line of the kings, judging from direct descent from Eorl the Young.

Though this website is titled 'The Riddermark' it is a fans website to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, done in Rohirrim style paying homeage to the great land of Rohan.

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